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    Versace Paris Fashion Week 2014

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    lagertha » 6 gifs per episode » 1x04 trial

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    That first noise made me lose my mind


    Me with my stuff

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  7. In The Wicked + The Divine, Gillen and McKelvie take a handful of these ancient mythological figures and give them a contemporary rework. In one sense, these are not these figures as we know them; Gillen has brought his own unique rule-set and vision to the story, which will inform and frame how they are characterised, as much as our contemporary expectations of divinity and religion will inform our reception of them. In another sense, we cannot help but be aware of aspects of their natures. From the moment Luci – Lucifer to you and me – shows up, we cannot help hear Admiral Akbar proclaiming, “It’s a trap!” Obviously, we must suspect something of Luci. How could we not? Our theology, our culture, our folklore has spent centuries writing her as our antagonist, our seducer, our betrayer. Certainly, this is territory which Gillen has explored before with Kid Loki in the Marvel universe, examining the degree to which a character can rebel against the strictures of their story. But then, Lucifer is all about rebellion, and I have this sneaking suspicion that Kieron might, quite knowingly, be of the Miltonian “Devil’s party” himself.

    Really strong (and complimentary) piece on THE WICKED + THE DIVINE. Read the rest, as it’s got some really interesting lines of attack on the book, but I quoted this bit as I like the idea of me being a member of the Blake-coined Devil’s Party.

    (Which is the sort of thing I suspect Phil Sandifier would be scribbling in a notebook somewhere.)

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    SaniAmani Crafts


    afatfox I thought you’d like this! (If you haven’t seen it already!) ^_^

    oh…my lord
    I seriously can’t even handle how precious these are ; - ;

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    When you’re holding hands with someone and they rub your thumb with their thumb is what I live for

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