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    I think that may have been my little nod to Mr. Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye. I guess you could interpret it in different ways but we thought it would be nice to have something that was a little bit personal for the Widow. You kind of forget, because she’s such a badass, you kind of forget that she’s still a woman and that she has her interpersonal relationships in life outside of work.

     - Scarlett Johansson on the arrow necklace.[x] (via buckyxbarnes)


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    (✿◠‿◠) PERF.

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Flawless pictures of the Avengers cast:
Scarlett Johansson 5/10

    Flawless pictures of the Avengers cast:

    Scarlett Johansson 5/10

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  8. Scarlett Johansson & Dita von Teese for Flaunt Magazine.

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    ONE PHOTOSHOOT PER YEAR: Scarlett Johansson

    2006 » by  Mary Ellen Matthews

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